Hsin Cheng Yao connector, metal Connector Technology, multipolar connectors and aluminum connectors, heater, solenoid valve, two-way solenoid valve, mechanical valve, cylinder valves, standard wire dedicated, hotline and other products.


Is Taiwan a professional connector manufacturer.

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HA Connector Series

HA Connector Series, 10A/16A/250V and more.

HE/HEE Connector Series

HE/HEE Connector Series, 16A/500V and more.

HD/HDD Connector Series

HD/HDD Connector Series, 10A/250V and more.

HSB Connector Series

HSB Connector Series, 35A/690V and more.

HQ Connector Series

HQ Connector Series, 16A/400V and more.

HMN Module Connector Series

HMN Module Connector Series, Module and more.

HK/HWK Connector Series

HK/HWK Connector Series, 16A~80A/250V~690V and more.

M8 Circular Connector Series

M8 Circular Connector Series, number of contact 3PIN/4PIN/6PIN and more.